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Our New Name !

Our New Name !

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – but you CAN rename a committee!

We decided that the Spay and Neuter title was not very attractive and so we are pleased to announce our new name: Paws and Claws,Bucerias. We’ve added on Bucerias just for the record as there are other Paws and Claws. We are also working on a new scheme, whereby the participating vets will hold vouchers, perform the procedures and present those vouchers to us for reimbursement.  We will let everyone know how this is all going to work in due course.

We have a fundraiser coming up on 23 October, more information on that will be out soon.

To date we have”fixed” 9 male dogs.  And we wish to give a big round of applause to Kip Helm who has been using a cat trap and taking the local feral cats to the vet – at his own cost.  Thank you Kip !

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