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Christmas is not just for the kids !

///Christmas is not just for the kids !

Christmas is not just for the kids !

Blanket ladiesWhen Linda Banker came up with the idea to make ponchos for the folks at the TE, little did she know how soon they would be needed!  Yes, even the tourists are remarking on how cool this weather is!  Us “locals” have put on sweaters, and so you can imagine how much more the grannies feel the cold.  Linda was fearlessly going to make 50 – yes 50 – panchos all on her own but the ladies from Condominio Moona dissuaded her of that idea.

They agreed the design – no sewing involved –  calculated the amount and shopped for the cozy blanket material in different bright, warming colours.  Then they all sat down and got busy.  In fact so busy that they had all 50 done in the same day!     On Thursday 19 December there was a Christmas party for the 50 seniors  who are the neediest, when Jim Moxin cooked up a storm – well hot dogs actually – by popular request! –  with juices, Cokes and then flan, along with oranges and cookies all donated.  They all received their food dispensas – thanks to the John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank.  And also home baked cookies,festively wrapped,  which Sandy Nystrom had organised. They all also received an additional bag of goodies from Amigos de Bucerias,  including canned tuna, jars of jam – and some chocolate kisses – very popular!    There were donated items of clothing, sheets and towels for the ladies to choose from.    Frankly there were so many donations from so many people we couldn’t keep track, so our apologies for not naming each and every one of you.  We know you didn’t do it for the acclaim, you did it from the bottom of your heart,  and we sincerely thank you one and all.

Then, just when people started going home – like a magician’s final and best trick:  –  out came the ponchos!

Blanket modellingUnfortunately Linda was ill and did not see how well received these panchos were, but Dorinda did the catwalk and modelled one with great flair.  The Moona ladies in the photo above are, from Left to Right: Dorinda Fumerton, Verna Trace, Sandra Banker and Cheryl Harman.  They will continue to work for this needy cause and will be starting a new project in the near future, and of course all donations are appreciated.

It was a fabulous Christmas party!  They had never known such an outpouring of gifts and affection.   The little sparrow of a lady in the wheelchair who received the first poncho (bright red!) also chose a pillow from the donated items – with tears in her eyes she said she’d never had a pillow before. Can you imagine?   Look how poor these quietly dignified folks are, in their twilight years, not expecting much (if anything).  How easy it is to help them, to make a difference  – we have so much, they have so little.

One woman walked to the monthly dispensas meeting last month, barefoot as she had no shoes – a journey of 3 kilometers. Two donated pairs in her size were quickly found.  She chose one pair and handed the other pair back – because:  somebody else might need them.  That is knowing about being poor – and being grateful for what you have.

The Amigos “Adopt a Granny” project has taken off way beyond our wildest dreams!

At the risk of sounding like the Oscars ceremony…

Thank you all for the incredible swiftness of fund raising for a refrigerator!  REFRIGERATOR OPENING THIS ONE

We have had the facility painted and improved – thank you PV Angels for networking!   We now have volunteers to show the ladies how to make items for sale to put the money back into the centre; a new gardening team to improve the crops; Dr Gutierrez giving free consultations –  and so it goes on.

Thank you to Jim & Marilyn Moxin for leading the team, for  pulling rabbits out of the hat when things weren’t going quite right.  Thank you all for attending and inviting a senior to dance, or to sit and hold their hand.  For helping with the cooking demonstrations, the lending library – just for being there so they know they are not alone.  And for everything else you have done.  fDancing With The Stars

Thank you  all who have helped with your time/ hands on/ donated since we took this on in April  2013.  Here’s to an incredible 2014.

There may not be a Father Christmas, but there most certainly are a lot of kind hearted and caring folks in Bucerias.  Thank you all!


First published 29 December 2013

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  1. Anne Shiach January 1, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    So blown away by the kindness and selfless devotion to the ladies of this group!
    I am especially proud of my dearest friend Dorinda Fumerton! Way to step out and be there where and when people need you most…just as you did in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Devoting time, energies, and possessions donated to those most in need. Never mind your modelling responsibilities!

    You are a shining example of truest commitment, spirit, devotion and Christianity, that any body could ask for! I am proud of you and inspired! Warmest wishes to one and all…Anne S

  2. Weisun Leong January 26, 2014 at 8:11 pm

    Great idea and kudos for showing those seniors who are neglected but not forgotten; a cause worthy of support, especially when they are so economically vulnerable at their stage of life.

    • Ronnie January 27, 2014 at 7:11 pm

      Thank you so much for your sympathy!

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