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Rain Did NOT Stop Play

///Rain Did NOT Stop Play

Rain Did NOT Stop Play

Talk about it never rains but it pours!  And of course it was really heavy in the hour before the start of our pot luck.  But 50 of the TE seniors had managed to get there ok through the mud and the puddles.   Amigos and others got there in the comfort of their cars –  and the seniors applauded US for arriving!

Unfortunately there had been a glitch in the communications (my turn to stand in the corner I believe) and the only food was what we had brought.  But step forward BBCC Alison,  Marielena and Laura – they sent  Aida to buy tostadas, and then assisted by TE Alicia, these  ladies went into full production mode, portioning the pot luck food onto the tostadas and sending out a constant succession of tasty servings.  Comparison to feeding the 5,000 would be a little exaggerated – but making the most of what we had and feeding everyone was no less miraculous!  Well done ladies, we’d have been lost without you.

The next obstacle was:  the TE sound equipment hadn’t been repaired after all!   Could we all sing something to represent dancing music?   But one of the ladies found an old “boom box”, with an even older, quite dishevelled collection of  music cds, yaay!  After a slice of the gooey cake all round, and once Ross had put his magic fingers on the box and got it working, the ladies were up and dancing.  A bit intermittent according to the cd malfunctioning, but still…

All the ladies so admired Marielena’s dancing they want her to go along every Monday to teach them!  She can’t manage that but she will go on a regular basis.  When it comes to dancing, age is no barrier!

This was a fun occasion – our adopted grannies are SO appreciative of everything we do.

First published 17 Sepember 2013

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