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Septi-hambre – The Hungry Month

///Septi-hambre – The Hungry Month

Septi-hambre – The Hungry Month

Unfortunately 7 of the seniors passed away over the summer months.  September = septiembre – is also known as “septi-hambre” – meaning the month of hunger. At the end of a hot summer, and generally flooded out by torrential rains, it is a long time before tourists return, regenerating the local economy.

Over the summer, funds have been used for medical assistance for the seniors.  The majority of the chickens have been killed and the eggs distributed to feed the seniors  – priority being given to those who are the most frail.  In a new venture to raise money for the seniors, a local benefactor has donated a veritable nursery of plants for them to grow and sell to the public.  Those seniors who are fit enough help tend the plants.   All gardening help would be greatly appreciated.

Bread continues to be made in the oven for distribution at the Monday meetings, but ingredients are in short supply.

Fortunately – and thank you! – the John Ozzello food bank has continued without fail to deliver food to be made into individual dispensas, making a difference between life and death for so many of them.

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