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Gently used clothing, shoes and sandals for adults, all sizes;

Blankets for the winter and umbrellas for the summer!

Spectacles – prescription or just readers.

Embroidery threads, sewing cottons and needles; knitting wool and needles;

Items that can be purchased locally:

Toilet tissue; soap; household disinfectant; dish detergent and cloths and sponges; bleach; brooms; mops & buckets; Rubbish bags

Plasters; bandages; antiseptic cream; adult diapers;

Food storage containers; re-useable plastic cups;

Disposable plastic knives, forks, spoons

Small paper plates and bowls; napkins

Cans tuna; cans chicken; sugar free jams; stock cubes; soup noodles; boxes tomato puree

Serving trays


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  1. Sharon Hamilton September 8, 2014 at 9:58 am

    It has been mentioned that “Westjetters” can bring down an extra suitcase for free for charitable donation items. I wanted to confirm that I spoke with Westjet and this is true. It is also posted on their website with all the conditions. Westjet-> Travel Info-> Baggage-> Checked and Excess Baggage-> Humanitarian Aid.
    Thank you SO much for pointing this out! And I love the idea of a throw-out suitcase to leave behind.

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