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Volunteering – Wish Lists !

//Volunteering – Wish Lists !

Volunteering – Wish Lists !

2014-09-11 07.52.21Whether you are coming to Bucerias for a couple of weeks, a couple of months, or to settle down permanently, there is no shortage of things to do. And that includes helping with any of our many charities. Judging by the number of charities we have, you can tell what a great place Bucerias is! Every charity would appreciate donations of money, items – and also your time.
As a volunteer you can play an important role in helping the charity of your choice to make a difference, no matter how small – it all helps. And while you’re helping, you’ll be meeting some great people, starting up a whole new social life with your “new best friends”!
To any of our Canadian friends who travel down to Mexico. WESTJET allows 1 extra suitcase per person (maximum weight 50 lbs) free of charge, for humanitarian aid. Please keep that in mind! Sandi Nystrom suggests you buy a used suitcase for just a few dollars to fill and then leave it here so that you don’t have to pay more than it’s worth to take it back! Excellent suggestion. You have to contact Westjet in advance to confirm with them, and there must not be any of your own personal items included. You will need to get something in writing from the charity of your choice confirming their existence and status, and a little background info wouldn’t go amiss. The items you bring should be gently used – if you bring in new stuff they might think you’re going to start selling it.
But if you don’t want to do this, or you’re not coming down with Westjet, then remember the golden packing rule: take out half of what you’ve already packed, cos you’re not going to need so much clothing down here! It washes and dries the same day! And then you’ve got room for items for donation.
Many of the items requested by the charities are the same, and often available here but at a greater cost. Some items would be impractical to bring down and are readily available locally for purchase.
You can take your items to your chosen charity yourselves, or bring along to our Amigos breakfast meeting held the first Saturday of every month, or contact Sandi Nystrom or myself and we will be pleased to collect from you and deliver as soon as possible.
Contact Sandy: [email protected] or cell phone 322 103 2828 OR Canadian phone 4033 29 36 16.
Contact Ronnie: [email protected] or landline: (329) 298 0053
To see the individual WISH LISTS, return to the Volunteering tab and click on your preferred charity.


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